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Why Digital Scrapbooking is So Popular

The tools of the scrapbooking trade are changing as technological advances take over every traditional form of crafting. Today, even the most die hard scrapbooker, has some form of digital equipment they use in the process of creating the scrapbook or some form of digital photo in their scrapbook. But, there is a new form of scrapbooking that is taking crafters by storm. The art of digital scrapbooking has arrived and the creations coming out of these crafters hands are a totally different ball game. The digital scrapbook has very few limitations. While you are not able to touch the photos or "see" the photos, the end creation can be a true work of art. The photos can be retouched with any adornment one could think of added to the photo, border and digital scrapbook page. The layouts can be changed at will and there is nothing that is permanent, unlike the traditional scrapbook. The only limitation is the imagination. The cost of digital scrapbooking is another bonus. With earnings down, people are trying to ...


Fast and Easy Scrapbook Projects the Entire Family Will Love

Scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby, and for many reasons. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also a creative way to preserve and exhibit your photo collection. When displayed in a scrapbook, photos are often more interesting to look at as compared to simply being displayed in a photo album. There are so many unique papers and embellishments to pick from that you can essentially customize a scrapbook page to perfectly accentuate and display your pictures. Scrapbooking is also a creative activity that the entire family can enjoy together. If you are searching for a fun family pastime, here are a few quick and basic scrapbook project suggestions to get you started. Displaying Embellished Pages Within a Frame Just because the majority of scrapbook pages are viewed in albums doesn't mean they cannot be displayed inside picture frames if desired. This method of display can be especially effective if you have a handful of pages that turn out particularly nice. It is also an excellent way to provide a c...


Tips For Organising Your Scrapbook Supplies

The idea of creating a scrap book goes back to the 15th century, when commonplace books were a popular means to save and display favourite recipes, letters and so on. More recently, scrapbooking has become more than a personal hobby and is now a worldwide industry, with over four million women in the United States alone considering themselves to be "scrapbookers."And if, like me, you are not that well acquainted with scrapbooking, you will be amazed at the variety and quality of the materials that serious scrapbookers demand from their suppliers.It's not just the scrapbooks themselves, but high quality paper, embellishments, glues, stamps, inks, the list seems endless. So how do you keep these supplies organised? Here are 10 tips to help you.Make sure you have a dedicated table or desk for your scrapbooking. Nothing kills your scrapbooking creativity more quickly than having to find and clear an area before you can start.Have lots of shelves available close to your desk. Floor standing shelves nearby and wall...


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