Why Digital Scrapbooking is So Popular

The tools of the scrapbooking trade are changing as technological advances take over every traditional form of crafting. Today, even the most die hard scrapbooker, has some form of digital equipment they use in the process of creating the scrapbook or some form of digital photo in their scrapbook. But, there is a new form of scrapbooking that is taking crafters by storm. The art of digital scrapbooking has arrived and the creations coming out of these crafters hands are a totally different ball game.

The digital scrapbook has very few limitations. While you are not able to touch the photos or "see" the photos, the end creation can be a true work of art. The photos can be retouched with any adornment one could think of added to the photo, border and digital scrapbook page. The layouts can be changed at will and there is nothing that is permanent, unlike the traditional scrapbook. The only limitation is the imagination.

The cost of digital scrapbooking is another bonus. With earnings down, people are trying to find cheaper ways to do the things they love. This includes the art of scrapbooking. The digital scrapbook is housed online, so as long as the crafter has Internet access, the cost is taken care of. There are no special tools to buy, paper to glue or photos to print. Everything about the album is 100% online or on the computer.

How Do You Create a Digital Scrapbook?

There are several ways to create a digital scrapbook. The easiest would be with a software created for digital scrapbooking. There are several for sale today, but for the crafter out to save even more money, open source programs, or programs that are available for no charge can also be used. Another welcome addition to the software family is a photo editing software. The heart of the digital scrapbook with be the photos, so being able to crop the photos with fancy edges and border the photos with colors requires a bit of photo editing.

After you have the software in place, all you need is an idea and the photos to create your digital scrapbook. The time it takes can range from only a few minutes to a few hours depending on how intricate the details are you put into your digital scrapbook. The other option for a digital scrapbook is the web page.

There are many free services that offer webpages without charge. These webpages can be used to house a digital scrapbook with multiple pages and a specific domain. To go the extra mile, a domain can be purchased with web hosting and the digital scrapbook can have a website all its own.

There are really no limitations to the digital scrapbook. Whether the pages are shared via the Internet, personal computer or email, the popularity of this customizable sharing tool will continue to grow. Before long, digital scrapbooks will be given as gifts on SD cards or Flash drives instead of in a photo album.


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