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Scrapbooking in a Recession

When it comes to keeping the memory of friends and family alive forever, many people choose to scrapbook the most important times of their life. With the right scrapbook paper and a little time, memories move from simple photos to intricate works of art. Today, scrapbooking is in a recession as money is tighter and more technological advances take over the once tangible art form. Why the Recession?There are many aspects of scrapbooking that are unique to a physical art form. One of these aspects is the time it takes to convert a few photos into a scrapbooking page. The true art of scrapbooking requires planning and an eye for design similar to that of an interior designer. The page layout, colors and scheme are all taken into consideration before the final page is created. This time is something many people simply no longer have. Instead of practicing the physical form of the art, the digital scrapbook is gaining in popularity. While digital scrapbooking is just as creative as paper scrapbooking, the time it ...


How to Use Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbooking is a fun way to express yourself while you are displaying some of your most treasured memories. Many people find that making scrapbooks are the best way to utilize their creative talents. There are quite a few steps to making a great scrapbook, and one of the major elements to any scrapbook is the page layouts. Scrapbook layouts are available in templates on scrapbook programs and through books, but there are also many scrapbook layouts that are made by individuals with a creative flair. If you want to create your own scrapbook layouts, all you have to do is think creatively about the way you want to display your photographs. The first step you will take in creating a great scrapbook layout is to determine if you want to work with a theme or not. If you are scrapbooking family vacations or other special occasions, a theme for your layout will work well. However, if you are just scrapbooking pictures that really have no common theme, you will want to vary your layouts from page to page to reflect ...


Making a Memory Book for a Parent on Active Military Service Duty

At the moment, there are numerous homes all over the planet with one or both parents absent because they are on active military duty. Mothers and fathers who are in the military make a huge sacrifice by leaving their children and their families for a long time. In several cases, a military mum or dad may be gone from their loved ones for a year or even longer at a time before being able to return home. But not only is this hard for the parent who is in the military, but at the same time for the husband or wife and children and other loved ones. Soldiers often miss birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving Days and Christmas celebrations. Many family photo albums hold holiday pictures where their soldier is missing. They might not be present when their own little one is born or their young child takes his first step. Often, family members get married or somebody graduates high school or college during the time they are serving. These courageous men and women miss many important events. Some households are helping...


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