Making a Memory Book for a Parent on Active Military Service Duty

At the moment, there are numerous homes all over the planet with one or both parents absent because they are on active military duty. Mothers and fathers who are in the military make a huge sacrifice by leaving their children and their families for a long time. In several cases, a military mum or dad may be gone from their loved ones for a year or even longer at a time before being able to return home. But not only is this hard for the parent who is in the military, but at the same time for the husband or wife and children and other loved ones.

Soldiers often miss birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving Days and Christmas celebrations. Many family photo albums hold holiday pictures where their soldier is missing. They might not be present when their own little one is born or their young child takes his first step. Often, family members get married or somebody graduates high school or college during the time they are serving. These courageous men and women miss many important events. Some households are helping make this easier by creating memory and photo albums for a gift to these soldiers. This is a great way for them to remain linked to their loved ones from far away.

Combining Special Experiences

When planning memory or photo albums for soldiers serving our country, you should gather various shots of the important event that they just had to miss. For example, a young soldier may be deployed at the time his wife at home is about to give birth to their first child. The memory album should start off with some photos of the pregnant wife in her last several weeks of her pregnancy. Also perhaps put in some pictures on the special day when she goes into labor. For any who are at ease enough, the wife could invite a special relative into the birthing room to photograph the entire birth for her deployed husband. A photo of the new mommy holding her baby could be a great ending for this part of the book. Every event should be organized in the memory album like a time line. Each event should be documented from the beginning all the way to the finish. You can do graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, and weddings all in this same way.

Always Add Some Details

It is important to include little personal notes with information on each page in the memory album. Pages can be decorated with especially patriotic themes or themes that match the topic of the event in the pictures. Some people like to include some clippings out of local newspapers into their memory albums so that the soldier will feel closer to their home. These albums make great surprises for being sent in a care package directly to your troop. If someone on active duty has small children then they are certain to enjoy an album that their children have helped to make. The kids can decorate each page with all kinds of things, like pictures colored with markers and stickers of their own favorite characters. This will illustrate to the soldier how much their children love them and how much they miss them. People in the military often begin to really feel as if everyone has forgotten them. With these great sentiments, soldiers feel close to their family members even if they are miles apart.

So when you or your children are feeling the distance between a parent or another loved one, using these suggestions will help close that gap.


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