Scrapbooking in a Recession

When it comes to keeping the memory of friends and family alive forever, many people choose to scrapbook the most important times of their life. With the right scrapbook paper and a little time, memories move from simple photos to intricate works of art. Today, scrapbooking is in a recession as money is tighter and more technological advances take over the once tangible art form.

Why the Recession?

There are many aspects of scrapbooking that are unique to a physical art form. One of these aspects is the time it takes to convert a few photos into a scrapbooking page. The true art of scrapbooking requires planning and an eye for design similar to that of an interior designer. The page layout, colors and scheme are all taken into consideration before the final page is created. This time is something many people simply no longer have. Instead of practicing the physical form of the art, the digital scrapbook is gaining in popularity. While digital scrapbooking is just as creative as paper scrapbooking, the time it takes to put the pages together can be far less than the physical form and people who love to scrapbook but who cannot find the time, are moving more toward the quicker version of scrapbooking.

Another huge dent in the scrapbooking market is being felt thanks to the money crunch. When cutting family costs, scrapbooking is at the bottom of the necessity list for many people and the supplies used in the scrapbooking art including brads, edging scissors and scrapbooking paper are being left off the shopping list and replaced with must haves around the home. This movement is causing a huge recession in the art of scrapbooking. People are turning, again, toward digital scrapbooking as a new way to continue their love of memory keeping at a reduced cost. The reduced cost, however, comes at a price. The digital scrapbooking pages will never represent the time and attention to detail shown in the physical scrapbooking page.

Is There Hope in Site?

As the economy climbs out of the recession, scrapbooking will also climb out. People will return to the physical art form for its simplicity and beauty once again. Once a scrapbooker captures one very special moment on a page in just the right look and feel they will forever be addicted to the ability to create these unique pages. The digital form of scrapbooking may offer a temporary reprieve, but this will be short lived. Eventually, people will return to the craft stores and again choose the scrapbook paper to fit that next page creation and the scrapbooking recession will end. For those who want to continue scrapbooking on a tight budget, look for sales and clearance special immediately following a holiday. These specials are a perfect way to build up your scrapbooking selection of tools when money is tighter than ever.

Scrapbooking is the perfect way to honor a memory. With a reduced spending outlook, the scrapbooking recession was inevitable. But just as real estate and spending will rebound, so will scrapbooking.


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